Nike Goes Green Review and Application

Topics: Environment, Nike, Inc., Air Jordan Pages: 3 (734 words) Published: May 1, 2012
Nike Goes Green. Very Quietly
By Reena Jana

Its eco-friendly products save the company money, but the brand’s buyers want looks, not sustainability.

Nike, Inc. is the world’s leading supplier of a major manufacturer of sportswear and equipment. It is very famous on the Air Jordan, Nike+, Nike Pro, Nike Golf and Nike skateboarding.
Nike goes green
Most of the companies are trying to make it supply chain and products greener, which bring observable environmental benefit and financial gain. Nike also expects to reduce the amount of material it wastes and promote its socially responsible. For instance, the sole of Nike’s new Air Jordan is made with ground-up bits of old Nike sneakers. Hence, it can save money and leading Nike goes green.

Nike failure in highlight eco-friendly
Nowadays, many products using environmental friendly materials, such as organic clothing line with People Tree, Gucci goes green with eco-friendly packaging. Sometimes, it may not be good to emphasise “eco-friendly” for business.

For example, Nike’s first line of environmentally friendly shoes, called ‘Considered’, in 2005. These types of walking boots were made of brown hemp fibers that looked apparently earthy. Finally, the sales of boots were poor and taken off the shelves in a year. This failure indicates that the forest-dweller feel and design is far away from the Nike’s high-tech image. Also, it shows that environmental friendly cannot be a unique selling point for Nike’s products.

Performing well
Nike’s products provide a feeling of fast, slick, and hip. Also, Nike customers do not care much about eco-friendly.
Therefore, Nike has to be fabulous, not just green.

Succeed in Air Jordan XX3
* All pieces of the shoe fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. * Eliminate excess plastic.
* Speed up assembly time
Customers are pleased with the Ait Jordan shoe’s performance and continue to have good sales. According to the figure,
the basketball shoe...
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