What Forces in the Marketing Environment Appear to Pose the Greatest Challenges to Timberland's Marketing Performance?

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September 10, 2012

What forces in the marketing environment appear to pose the greatest challenges to Timberland's marketing performance? According to the text, the forces that pose the greatest challenge are the changes and new challenges that the marketing environment poses to the global marketer. Timberland wants to stay on top of fast-changing trends. It has to face the international competitor. So the company operates an international design center to achieve the goal of business success. “Business success is defined not only by the return we earn for our shareholders but also by the positive impact we have on our communities and the environment.” (Timberland achieves profits while helping the environment). So the company plans a long-term strategy for a social responsibility agenda for the ever-changing marketing environment. What kinds of ethical issues does Timberland face in its marketing? What is the company doing to address these issues? There are four kinds of ethical issues which Timberland needs to face in its marketing: energy, earth-friendly products, workplaces, and service. 1. Energy: the company reduces the energy consumption and increases use of renewable energy. So it saves more energy, money and time. 2. Earth-friendly Products: the company uses recycled material for its shoes. Some of the productions can be completely disassembled. Then they can make them into new Timberland shoes from those recycled materials. 3. Workplace: the company has some policies for their factories and facilities to provide fair and safe working conditions. 4. Service: the company pays for their employee to volunteer in their community to serve society. How does Timberland’s reputation for social responsibility serve as a strength when consumers are turning away from showy, expensive products? The company decided to do service. Their employees can take some hours with pay to volunteer in the...

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