Nike case study

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Nike case study
Jamaludin Husein Alcaf

• Nike is based in Oregon, USA. It operates in 120
countries and has over 20,000 employees. Fiscal year
2001 saw sales grow in each of its product segments in
all four global markets. Total sales topped $US 9 billion.
• In Japan, Nike allied itself with Nissho Iwai, the sixth largest Japanese trading company, to form Nike-Japan
Corporation. Because Nike al ready held a part of the
low-priced athletic shoe market, the company set its
sights on the high-priced end of the scale in Japan.

Nike and MNC
• Nike, the athletic footwear and clothing
manufacturer, is a good example of a
multinational corporation that has
incorporated corporate social responsibility
into its overall business strategy. In fact, Nike
might argue that the move was necessary for
its survival.

Case in Japan
• Nike is on fre.  Shares in the athletic footwear company hit record highs in post-market trading on Thursday after posting a solid frst quarter earnings beat.  Nike saw growth across all products and every geography, with the exception of China and Japan, helping gross margins expand even further.

• Revenue grew a more moderate 8% to $7 billion, which was in line with analysts’ forecasts, as Nike’s products sold well across Western, Central, and Eastern Europe.   Nike had a good performance in North America, its largest unit, and managed to squeeze out 1% growth in emerging markets.  The big losers were Japan and China, where Nike has been focusing on a renewal of its products and a changing strategy, the two geographies where sales declined.

Opportunities Identifcation
• Raising of the Internet environment
Nike could allow their customers to order
products online, and pick them up at a retail
store. This process not only allows Nike could
promote online with deeply and efective
strategy, but also can build a database which
collect customer information and follow up the
original customers.

Opportunities Identifcation
• Product development
• A good product development always gives Nike an
opportunity for growth, even though its pricing is than
other brands’, the company still creates its unique value
above customers’ expectation.
• Provide and environment which develops people to
maximize their contribution to Nike.
• Identify focused consumer segment opportunities.
• Provide quality and innovative services and products
internally and externally.

• For the future orientation, frst, Nike would like
to consider about how they can build a good
monitoring system that allow Nike can watch and
monitoring the condition of their supply factories
all around the world. Second, most Nike workers
don’t even know that they can complain about
their right. It will be very critical for Nike to build
a good database that can collect their complain
case no matter from the internal or external.

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