Night Terrors Research Paper

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Examining someone while sleeping can be extremely interesting, but also scary and sometimes dangerous. Many people in this world, may not realize how important it is to analyze people while they are sleeping. Some may think that these people are just having dreams or nightmares. Actually, these people may have parasomnias, more commonly known as night terrors. During these episodes while sleeping people may have (REM) which is rapid eye movement, they also may kick, fight, scream, talk, walk, or cry. These night terrors can be dangerous because in some severe cases they may punch or choke themselves, or the bed partner that might be in the same room or bed with them. Researchers come to think that this a male-predominant disorder, because men usually have more violent or aggressive habits. Most of the time these parasomnias happen because of either a history of disruptive violence behaviors such as a car wreck or house fire. …show more content…
This sleep behavior RBD increases muscle tone during sleep. This is where the dreamer acts out his or her dream that can cause injuries. The dreamer is attending the dream environment instead of the bedroom environment. The researchers assumption was that males are more likely to have these parsaomnias or REMs probably because women have less violent or agressive behaviors. This case study shows that the percentage of female RBD are around 13%, although the 36.5% of the perticipants were women. The researchers also tested out of 100 patients with RBD only 1 of 29 women had RBD and 35 of 71 male patients. The first case of RBD was in 1986 and 4 were men and 1

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