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  • Sleep and Rapid Eye Movement

    your sleep when everything goes just your way. Its that part of the day when everything is so pleasant and peaceful. Hello fellow classmates‚ and miss grubb today i’m here to talk about “ Dreams” There are many things that make dreams happen. for example being in a good mood not being angry and getting a good nights sleep can make it happen. You can dream during(REM) rapid eye movement. What is rapid eye movement. Rapid eye movement (REM) is the stage of sleep characterized by rapid movements of the

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  • Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

    during sleep‚ there are two main groupings: Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (non-REM) and Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM). Typically‚ three to five periods of REM sleep occur per night that happen between time intervals of one to two hours (Wolf-Meyer‚ 2012). REM sleep is important because of its restorative aspect in sleep cycles. A disturbance in this will put a person’s normal circadian sleep cycle or known as our “inner clock” out of place. To compensate for this‚ lengthy periods of REM sleep is needed

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  • Sleep Paralysis

    mouth… This is a condition called sleep paralysis. This condition may seem very frightened‚ especially when you see or hear things that are not really there. This occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. During this process you may not be able to speak or move ranging from a few seconds up to a few minutes. Sleep paralysis may happen once or you may have it frequently‚ even several times a night!!! (according to www.webmd.com) Sleep paralysis is the feeling of being

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  • Psychology of Sleep

    chapter firstly talked about consciousness and the different states there are while we are aware of ourselves and our environment. Some states of consciousness are sleeping‚ waking‚ daydreaming‚ orgasms and even hypnosis. The fist states covered were sleep and dreams and the biological and psychological aspects it has on the humans. As I read on‚ I learned that our bodies biologically have rhythm which influences our functioning and synchronizes with the 24 hour day and night cycle called the circadian

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  • Sleep Paralysis

    suffer from a condition called isolated sleep paralysis (ISP). In this presentation I will discuss what sleep paralysis is‚ how you get sleep paralysis‚ and how you cope with sleep paralysis. Main Point 1: What is sleep paralysis? ISP is a transition state between wakefulness and rest that is characterized by muscle weakness. This condition is thought to be a result of disrupted rapid eye movement (REM) that occurs during the dream stage of sleep. During REM sleep complete muscle paralysis sets in.

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  • informative speech on sleep

    June 27‚ 2014 Topic: Long Term effects of Lack of Sleep General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the long term effects of lack of sleep Introduction: I. Attention Gainer: “Even though we burn more calories when we stay awake‚ losing sleep is not a good way to lose weight. The light sleepers ended up eating far more than those who get nine hours of sleep.” According to author Tara Parker-Pope of The New York Times published on March

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  • 5 Stages Of Sleep

    everyone living has a dream every single night. Memories‚ stress‚ psychological reasons‚ and emotions are all causes of dreams. There are many different meanings for all different types of dreams. There are five stages of dreams throughout the sleep cycle. A study of dreams shows types of dreams‚ meanings of dreams‚ and the stages of dreams. Every single person dreams. Some dream in color and some dream in black and white. Dreaming is a symbolic language designed to communicate your wisdom

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  • Stage 1 Sleep

    Stage 1 Sleep NREM stage 1 sleep serves a transitional role in sleep-stage cycling. Aside from newborns and those with narcolepsy and other specific neurological disorders‚ the average individual’s sleep episode begins in NREM stage 1.Stage 2 sleep lasts approximately 10 to 25 minutes in the initial cycle and lengthens with each successive cycle‚ eventually constituting between 45 to 55 percent of the total sleep episode. An individual in stage 2 sleep requires more intense stimuli than in stage

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  • Sleep Recall

    Sleep Recall and Dream content with ADHD children The study explores dream recall frequency and dream content in children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. (ADHD) There have been many sleep complaints about children and adults with ADHD. The hypothesis of dreaming is that when someone is awake if reflects what they will dream about. In studies it shows that adults and children with ADHD have dreams that correlate with the daily activities going on in their life. Children with

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  • English: Sleep and Dream

    The Science of Dreams You have dreams basically every night‚ right? Well sometimes we wonder why we would have such a good or bad dream. I have always wondered that‚ so I gathered enough information to write an eight page essay about dreams. The science of dreams‚ mostly every night we have a dream. The science term for a dream is oneirology. The word dream comes from the Middle English phrase “drem.” Sometimes dreams feel as if they last all night‚ but most of them don’t

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