5 Paragraph Essay on the Book Night

Topics: The Holocaust, Germany, Jews Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: January 13, 2011
The Tragical Holocaust
The racism to Germany expanded quickly in the year of 1933 when Hitler became chancellor of Germany. Memorable things started to happened because it was the start of the Second World War and this also meant it was the beginning of the Holocaust. This Holocaust was caused by the Germans they were in control of this cruel act they made will never be forgotten. Germans looked at Jews differently because they believed in a different religion then the Germans. The Germans plan was that they were going to get completely rid of all the Jews and their memory. They began to put their plan in to action and several Jews were killed from it and others were missing and that did affect Jewish population greatly. In the book “Night” by Elie Wiesel tells the horrendous story about the everyday life of a Jew during the Holocaust, it’s a memoir of their struggles and their unhappiness. This book tells us how Jews were punished with out no reason and how things could of ended if they would of seen that everybody is the same for this reason people should read “Night” and read what Jews went through those horrible years. The approximate deaths of Jews were 11-17 million not including other races which were discrimination against Jews. The Holocaust emerged as the most significant event in the twentieth century, not just for genocide of the Jewish people, but for efforts humanity. The causes and effects of the Holocaust must awaken our world conscience to the plight of oppressed people everywhere.
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