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Topics: Nazi Germany, Auschwitz concentration camp, The Holocaust Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: January 15, 2013
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The Dirty Truth about Holocaust

November 19, 1941

On the set of WWII the Nazis have set up hundreds of concentration and death camps across Europe in order to isolate, torture, and murder millions of Jews or the people considered inferior by the Germans.

At first these camps were used to hold political figures as prisoners and soon afterwards the camp started to hold non-political figure prisoners. As the second war goes on the concentration camp sites increased and more and more Jews and inferior Germans were sent to these camps to be exterminated. As the Jews arrive at the concentration camps their clothes and valuables were stripped from them and families were separated. The Jews and inferior Germans sent to the camps were separated in two different groups; one group determines that the strong and healthy prisoners would remain alive and would do labor while the feeble, old and young prisoners in the other groups would be exterminated immediately.

Women were sent were ordered to take of their clothes and were told that were getting a shower but as soon as they go inside the showers chemical B-49 was dropped from the ceiling which made the women suffocate to death. After the women prisoners were suffocated to death their hair were shaved and also if they have gold teeth their gold teeth would be taken out and used. Shlomo Venezia and Italian Jew who survived the famous Auschwitz camp said “Since then I’ve never had a normal life. Everything takes me back to the camp. Whatever I do, whatever I see, my mind keeps barking back to the same place. It’s as if the ‘work’ I was forced to do there had never really left my head.” As the war rages on the prisoners killed at the concentration camp increases and many have lost their lives for being Jews.

This is the gas chambers where women prisoners were exterminated

The Canadian Wall: International News
This is the dead bodies of the Jews who were sent to concentration camps. This...
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