New Product Development for Marketing: New Toothbrush Proposal for Oral-B

Topics: Oral hygiene, Toothbrush, Electric toothbrush Pages: 9 (1835 words) Published: January 9, 2011
Module: Information for Marketing.

Title: Investigation of information needs usage and gathering for aspecified company.

Word count: 1,998

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Knowledge Management

Findings & Conclusions




This report looks into the needs, usage and gathering of information for a new product launch for a company called Oral-B.

The research plan looks at various information sources, as well as forms and processes of collecting data; in order to analyse these and use graphs to give a clear conclusion to the market research.

Oral-B want to launch a new electric toothbrush that incorporates music; by the end of the report, this will go through all problem solving areas of market research (price, product, place, promotion), as well as looking at the external environment and other businesses that may be useful.

By collecting appropriate data, the product launch has a higher rate of success, which will benefit all stakeholders of Oral-B.

This report looks at all of the above and uses primary and secondary data to come to conclusions about the surrounding market of the product. Recommendations are drawn to apply to the decision making and final implementation of the product, and limitations are identified. Introduction.

Product innovation.

Twice a day we all brush our teeth, and Oral-B have recognised how monotonous this can be; well not any more!

Oral-B, a leading company in the dental care market, is seeking to launch their latest innovation of electric toothbrushes. An electric tooth brush that also incorporates a music player. The ‘iBrush’.

Background problems for design.

“Every year, millions of people experience unnecessary discomfort, distress and even depression because of health problems with their teeth.” (British Health Foundation. 2005). “25% of people are feared to go to the dentist.” (NHS. 2007). Oral-B’s product launch enhances the cleaning experience as well as providing professional care, in order to increase consumer pleasure, whilst aiming to eliminate the number of health problems caused by teeth.

The Brand - Oral-B.

Oral-B was created in 1950 by a Dentist, Dr Robert Hutson and has today expanded into a world leader. Expanding their range of manual and electric toothbrushes, as well as interdental care, such as dental floss and mouth washes, now operates in a £2.9 billion market in brushing alone.

Oral-B is an established name and has a reputation of quality and innovation with millions of consumers, but also dental professionals. In fact, “Oral-B toothbrushes are used more by dentists than any other brand worldwide.” (Oral-B. 2008).

Report Summary.

This report will investigate the best way of using information available to Oral-B, to assist decision making of this product. Collected data will be analysed and presented in a clear, strategic way. I will draw conclusions from the findings and give recommendations and limitations of implementation.

The purpose of this research is to distribute a product that will meet the customer’s needs, at the right cost, and at their convenience.


Knowledge management.
Information sources.
I will aim to collect and conclude the following information; • the opinions and statistics of their customers,
• the facts regarding oral health,
• market research,
• product research,
• Marketing macro-environment.
Information will vary between quantitative (e.g. ages of market) and qualitative forms (e.g. opinions of new product), and will come from both primary research, such as, surveys, as well as secondary data, for example, NHS dental articles. Quantitative vs. Qualitative.

“Quantitative research is based on large, statistical data, it’s findings are expressed in numerical terms. Qualitative research is based on the opinions and thoughts. It examines what they think of a product.” (Perrault et al. p65)...

References: Oral-B is an established name and has a reputation of quality and innovation with millions of consumers, but also dental professionals. In fact, “Oral-B toothbrushes are used more by dentists than any other brand worldwide.” (Oral-B. 2008).
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