Rhetorical Analysis of Hit the Line Hard

Topics: Health, Health care, Emotion Pages: 3 (734 words) Published: November 5, 2012
“Hit The Line Hard”
Clint Cepeda
ENG112: Composition

Dr. Dixil Rodriguez


Do you desire the elimination of bad breath, cavities and diseases? Possessing the right toothpaste can help an individual obtain the confidence they need to smile and associate with others. Hygiene has become an important aspect in one’s health especially when the mouth is the main focus. People gain the feeling of shyness and rudeness around others when they show their rotten teeth and/or the odor of their breath. Nobody wants to be treated in a harmful way for reasons that can easily be fixed. Get Colgate, a type of paste or gel that helps prevent bacteria, plaque and unhealthy gums from occurring. The 1924 Colgate ad, “Hit The Line Hard,” formulates a convincing advertisement that can be assessed using three rhetorical strategies which include appeal to appeal to logic, appeal to credibility and appeal to emotions.

First of all, the advertisement’s appeal to logic argues that the use of Colgate is the reason for the manipulation of unhealthy hygiene so that the mouth stays flawless. For example, Colgate guarantees washed and polished teeth that proves to be an excellent way of taking care of the mouth’s surroundings. Good teeth physically provides a commitment to transcending yourself. It shows so much about an individual’s character such as the desire to care for yourself, your health and your appearance. Your teeth will take care of you when you take care of them by preventing the spread of bacteria that can cause sores and diseases before it occurs. The use of Colgate after every meal and before going to bed can be compared to an investment that will be paid off in time.

Secondly, Colgate emphasizes an appeal to credibility to offer viewers what’s best by understanding its effectiveness to your health which is the best path to follow. The man brushing his teeth is a good example. In the ad, we see this man as an ordinary guy who becomes the superstar of...
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