Networking Test with Answers

Topics: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wireless network Pages: 7 (1463 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Section A

1. Give the IEEE standards for the following networks:

a) Bluetooth : IEEE 802.15

b) Ethernet : LAN IEEE 802.3

c) Wireless : LAN IEEE 802.11

d) Wireless MAN (WiMAX) : IEEE 802.16

2. Determine the type of cell for the following statement :

a) A cell tower located near an interstate highway would most likely provide a service


b) Transferring files from a personal digital assistant (PDA) to another computer via the Bluetooth


c) The wireless access point located at each floor in the building to provide the wireless connection


d) Users can access internet at the shopping mall using Hotspot


3. Using the transportation-based cipher and the key SECURITY, encode the phrase “Birthdays should only come once a year”.


4. Using the Vigenere cipher and the key NETWORK, encode the phrase “this class on network and information systems is the best class ever”. (refer to appendix 1:Vigenere 26 x 26 ciphertext character matrix)


5. Using the monoalphabetic substitution based cipher, encode the phrase “Meet me in front of the college at midnight

6. What are FOUR (4) basic wireless settings for client wireless device to connect to an AP?

7. List THREE (3) of wireless encryption protocols from weaker to stronger.


8. Define THREE (3) firewall policy actions

Accepted : permitted through the firewall
Dropped : not allowed through with no indication of failure
Rejected : not allowed through, accompanied by an attempt to inform the source that the packet was rejected

(d) Phishing
= Masquerading

Section B

1. You have three computers at home, and you want to network all three together. Two computers are on the main floor of the house, but the third is upstairs in a bedroom. List and explain all devices used to interconnect the three computers so that they could operate on wireless local area network. Draw the network layout to support your answer.

2. Describe THREE (3) topologies of wireless LAN. Draw a diagram to differentiate the topologies.

3. Two basic types of ad hoc networks that may be entered into by Bluetooth-enabled devices are wireless PAN Piconet and PAN Scatternet. Explain what they are? Draw a diagram to support your answer.


-Piconet is formed by a Bluetooth device as a master and at least one or more (up to maximum of seven) Bluetooth devices acting as slave. - A specific frequency-hopping sequence is used by all devices within each piconet. - The piconet slaves only communicate with the piconet master in a point to point fashion and under the direct control of the master. - Piconet master may communicate in either point to point or point to multipoint.

Point to point Piconet
-Example, a cell phone is downloading address-look and telephone-number information to the user’s laptop. - In this example, the laptop acts as a master. The application software running on the laptop contacts the cell phone when it is within range, and requests that it synchronize its database with the one stored on the laptop.

Point to multipoint piconet
-You can download digital images from your digital camera to the laptop, use more than one Bluetooth-enabled cell phone to place voice calls, and even connect a personal digital assistant (PDA) to the laptop to exchange information. Another interesting thing to note in this figure is that you also can use a single connection to the internet without having to have a direct cable connection to the modem or broadband connection. -The master device is the laptop computer.

-It controls the other devices, which are called slaves.
PAN Scatternet :

-A device can be a master of only one piconet. The device can, at the same time, also be a slave in another piconet that is within range. -A slave can...
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