Week 3 iLab Report

Topics: IEEE 802.11, Wi-Fi, Wireless network Pages: 4 (1123 words) Published: March 8, 2015
Week 3 iLab Report

DeVry University
NETW360: Wireless Technologies and Services


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Mixed 11b/11g WLAN Performance
Specific questions from iLab
* Answer each of the following questions using the sequence and data from the iLab instructions. Answer all questions in full college-level sentences. 1. In your opinion, what is the purpose of our dropping the transmit power to such a low level? My opinion would have to go with only having 1 node as shown or just a few nodes would be accessing this access point. With dropping the power output will help increase stability if there is a lot of interference with outside noise. This node might not need the extra performance or the extra distance a higher transmit power would generate. 2. What do access point connectivity statistics collected for the roaming station show? It looks like to me within the statistics that the 1st line stays connected for 10seconds, the 2nd line drops for 2 seconds then up for 8 seconds, the 3rd line same thing with drops for 2 seconds then up for 8 seconds. I would have to say that there seems to be some interference with the start of the 2nd & 3rd line but it still looks constant overall as staying connected.

3. What do you think the Wireless LAN control traffic received by the roaming 11b node when it is in the engineering building is composed of? It looks like from the picture that it is composed of bits/second.

4. How much did our roaming node reduce the total throughput in our heavily loaded WLAN? It looks like the results start at around 23,000,000 to 25,000,000 bits/second from 1 second to 11.2 seconds. Then when the roaming node came into the room at 11.2 seconds the rate went from 24,000,000 to 9,500,000 bits/second from 11.2 seconds to 21 seconds. At 21 seconds the rate went from 9,500,000 back up to 25,000,000 bits/second. This continued from 21 seconds till 30 seconds or the end of the test....

References: Guidelines
* Include all references used to complete this iLab. This must be in APA format.
Ciampa, M. (2013). WNA Guide to Wireless LAN’s (3rd ed.). [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from http://www.devryu.net/
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