Week Four Individual Assignment Ntc/360

Topics: Dell, Internet, Ethernet Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: February 14, 2010
Week Four Individual Assignment
Mike Dunn
University of Phoenix
NTC 360, Network and Telecommunications Concepts
David Tam
January 24, 2010

A household network can be the backbone of almost any household these days. With it you can connect to other members of the household, the Internet and various electronic devices. To create a dream home network system is what this paper will show it will demonstrate a topology, the hardware involved and how all the various devices connect to one another. The topology of the home network is the means which all devices are connected to one another. There are several types of topology bus, ring, star, and mesh each of these offers their own benefits and drawbacks, but the choice that would be made for a dream home network would be star. “A star network features a central connection point called a "hub" that may be a hub, switch or router” Mitchell (2010). The reason for this choice is that with the star topology you will experience fewer system failures than with the others, it is also a simple home setup that anyone could do. The start of this network is the Internet connection, which would be a cable connection. The service provider would be from the cable company and would use a coaxial cable from the wall connected to a modem device usually provided by the installing cable company. The Zoom CableModem 5241 would be the choice for the modem and is what is used by most cable companies. The modem will be located next to the main computer of the household for ease of access by the administrator. The network protocol for the home network will be TCP/IP. This will permit for more expansion of the network if more devices are added over time. From the modem a Linksys Wireless-N Simultaneous Dual-Band Router WRT400N will be connected using category 6 cable for cleaner and faster transfer rates. The router has four 10/100 Ethernet cables that allow direct connection of printers, computers, and other devices...

Links: s router and have had superior success with them. Although, this may not be the ideal home network for everyone it is what I want to one day set up for myself, but as technology changes so will what I want.
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