Network Monitoring

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Methodology is a model created to help project developers to plan and schedule their project so that it is more organized and systematic task. It is a method used to breakdown a large project into smaller and more manageable tasks. With methodology as a guideline, each stages of project development will be treated with its needs.

It is important for project developers to keep track on the progress of their project. Project developers use Methodology together with Gantt chart, to plan out what to do in each phase so that time is not be wasted on waiting for prior project development stage to complete. It also defines what role each party will play throughout the whole process.

By the end if each stage, an evaluation is be made to ensure that the objectives of the project are met. Any amendment will be carried out depending on the jurisdiction of the evaluation. It is through the evaluation of each phase of the methodology that a project will grow from good to the best possible outcome.

3.2 Methodology Network Development Life Cycle.

Figure 3.2.1:NDLC Model

Network Monitoring is use to identify and create the Network Development Life Cycle methodology Network (NDLC) will be used to develop a network system. Structural analysis using a technique called life cycle development system to plan and manage the development process of the system. Network development life cycle is a complete process of developing an information system that starts with the initial investigation phase and ended with the operations and support phase.

Network development life cycle begins either with a request to create a new system or upgrade a system available to meet the needs of the current system. In fact, the

process development of this system is dynamically rapid and changes often occur in each phase to obtain a complete response, especially from users.

3.2.1 Analysis Phase

This is the first and very important phase of network development life cycle. This phase is critical to the success of the project. The proper analysis of what function of the software (VNC) should be apply in the project. In VNC it has two categories which is “server” and “viewer”. Function VNC Server is the software can allow any other pc/laptop to communicate between each other but both of the VNC must be active on each pc/laptop. It allow user to manage password setting from server .The password is a permission for other pc to remote or view it.This software enable user to set different password for remote and view other pc/laptop. Installation of the VNC viewer software must be done to every PC to ensure the Network Monitoring run smoothly. In monitoring process, we enter the ip address or DNS from target pc. It will connect to target PC VNC server and get the password permission from it. Then we insert the password that has been set from VNC server on target pc. When on the process remote, we can remote on real time, transferring file, and chatting but on the view process, we only can view the target pc. These are the most important needs that can then be prioritized and translated into a plan for the lab including a schedule for developing new major network systems.

3.2.2 Design Phase

The second phase is a design phase where a discussion with supervisor is done to understand the requirements. First intention is to create the design so it can be applied in laboratory .Through this design phase the system will be developed to improve the existing system used were it is only in manual mode. We configure fixable IP address or DNS to each PC and design an access point (AP). Virtual Network Computing (VNC) has a problem where the IP address is unable to be detected. However it is manageable by setting fixable ip address or domain name service (DNS) on every client and server PC. In monitoring process, we enter the ip address or DNS from target pc. It...
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