Defining the Sdlc

Topics: Systems Development Life Cycle, Project management, Software development process Pages: 4 (1462 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Managing IT Systems, Development in Context

The Systems Development Life Cycle methodology is [OR is not] excessively formal and rigid and should be [OR should not be] more flexible and unstructured?

The System Development Life Cycle Methodology is indeed excessively formal and rigid and should be made more flexible and unstructured. This stand is taken to agree with the notion that the system development life cycle model is formal and needs to be made flexible. The position that the System Development Life Cycle methodology is excessively formal and rigid has been taken due to the below reasons. Slow and Cumbersome Procedure: It can be determined that the application of the system development life cycle is indeed cumbersome. There are as many as six (6) stages that needs to be crossed before a given system can be completed. These six (6) stages are System/Information Engineering and Modeling, Software Requirement Analysis, System Analysis and Design, Code Generation, testing, and maintenance. Each of these stages also is made up of a number of internal processes and procedures that need to be fulfilled. Due to the cumbersome nature of the methodology, it automatically makes the methodology very slow in implementing. It would be noted that each of these six (6) stages, there is the need to have specially trained personnel who come in at different times to undertake their own part of the process. In situations where one stage cannot be executed, there is no way there can be a jump over. This is the major cause of the slowness of the methodology and in some cases, its delay. No room for backward movement in progress development: Because the system development life cycle methodology is typically a linear system of implementing information systems, it allows only for forward progress with little or no room for backward movement. This means that once one of the six (6) stages has been reached, it is impossible to go back to the previous...

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