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By SkipteensHotmail Apr 21, 2015 258 Words
This article” Nepotism in the Workplace with Friends”, mainly discuss the problems brought by nepotism. The definition of nepotism is” a form of discrimination in which family members of friends are hired for reasons that do not necessarily have anything to do with their experience, knowledge or skills”. This reminds me of a phenomenon which happened frequently when I was in primary school. Many teachers did not choose the monitor in a democratic way, and instead they were always nominating the pupils whose parents were relatives or friends of the teacher. That did grow strong dissatisfaction among we students. Even though we were at an early age at that time, we still could sense more or less the injustice in this matter. Also from this article we are informed that”nepotism can foster hostile feelings of inequality”. My experience in primary school is exactly the illustration of this effect. Since we pupils all knew the monitor was a “fraud”, we became hard on him and spoke ill of him in private. I didn’t bother to figure out how he felt when most of classmates stood aloof from him at that time. But now as I read this article I gradually realize that favoritism and nepotism can be harsh to the people who seem to have a vested interest. In order to create an agreeable atmosphere in workplace, I believe the leader should think twice before he assigns his “qualified friend” a post. Otherwise it may undermine not only the productivity of other workers but also his friend’s feelings.

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