11 Do You Think That College Professional Show Favoritism Among Student

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11 do you think that college professional show favoritism among student Teachers respond more to students who express interest in the material taught in class. Nevertheless, other teachers are interested in the personal appeals they receive from individual students, making extra attention to such students appear discriminative. Therefore, I think teachers show favoritism among students because of their relationship in and out of class.             Personally, I think that it is difficult for teachers to assist the least participating students. The few students who are active and responsive during the teacher’s lessons turn out to be the “teacher’s pet.” The class views such a situation as favoritism when it is their fault to a certain extent. Most teachers even use favoritism as a wake up call for the rest of the class. This is because students who receive such treatment achieve the highest grades in class.             On the contrary, there are teachers who might be favoring students because of a physical impression. The student might be favored because he or she might be of the opposite sex or very attractive. Some students can choose to use seduction to exploit their teachers in class, hence favoritism. The community and schooling culture find such prejudice morally wrong and thus against the law. Other than that, I had a teacher who used to favor my fellow female student simply because she was committed and reminded her of her own teenage years. Such favoritism can be neglected if the other students are as hardworking and participating.             The preferential treatment a student receives from a teacher and the participating level of students cause favoritism. I observed a lot of favoritism from the teachers from my high school and campus. Students favored because of their efforts deserve the extra attention. Furthermore, this kind of favoritism brings about learning competition necessary for the progress of the class.  

12 do you read the newspaper everyday?
When I was young, I took especial notice to my father’s morning habits. He’d wake up, shower, put on a pot of coffee, and read the newspaper. He didn’t just scan headlines; he pored over nearly entire paper, reading most articles in the front section, followed by business, then local news, and finally sports. Of course, he read sports last in part because I’d swipe it and read the box scores. When I changed routines and he changed jobs it was a bit jarring; that routine had become a quietly joyful part of my life. The lesson he taught me was implicit: read a newspaper every day. While I fell off during my high school years — sleeping until the last possible section took precedence — I picked it right back up in college. It help that each college I attended offered students free newspapers. Even after college I made it a point to read the New York Times online every day. It helped that I was unemployed and really had nothing better to do. Today I still read the news every day, but in few ways does it resemble the newspapers of my youth. Instead of reading it on paper I read it on an iPad. And instead of just reading the Star Ledger or the New York Times, I use an app called Zite, which pulls stories from sources all around the internet. It is, in other words, a more well-rounded newspaper. The stories come from sources conservative and liberal, Keynesian and Austrian, traditional and progressive. Best of all, I can tell Zite what I enjoy and what I do not, so it can adapt. It’s like the Pandora of news. Why is it important to read a newspaper every day? We can start with shedding ignorance. Looking for something with a bit more social incentive? The information we read in newspapers can start conversations with others, and those can turn into productive discussions. Reading the newspaper makes us think about the issues at hand, and when we discuss those issues we are in reality discussing ideas. There is no higher form of...
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