John Wooden, Wooden on Leadership

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John Wooden on Leadership
I am informing the SAI that Wooden on Leadership by John Wooden is a book that demonstrates and shows leadership skills. John Wooden started his leadership in 1932 at football practice in Kentucky as the coach. He then went on to become head coach At UCLA in 1949. While at UCLA Wooden wrote his fifteen steps of leadership. Wooden’s pyramid of success not only helped his team, but his own life.

The first block on the pyramid is to be industrious. Wooden grew up on a small farm and learned you had to be up early and work very late. A normal person will complain when tired, but an industrious person will work hard and strive for the best that they can achieve. One should not want to stop when they can, but work all the way through until the job is done even if the person is tired and weak because they strive to complete whatever is needed. A person should be focused on the objective and not what they want to do later.

While being industrious, a person also needs to have enthusiasm. As a leader a person must be filled with energy and love what they are doing. If a leader has enthusiasm for what they are doing their followers will too. Being enthused can make or break whether the job is completed. A person’s enthusiasm can turn a boring or failing job into a well working successful accomplishment. A job should always be done with eagerness to show that you care. Friendship plays a big role in the success of leadership. A person should not bring or hold their “favorites” above any one when it comes to leadership just because they are your friend doesn’t make them the best person to complete your goal. A person should stay professional when around friends, but still treat the friends equal to the other subordinates. Seek to find the strengths of friendships among the group and do what is necessary to keep the job going. Don’t judge a person’s ability to tribute to the team because you don’t know them as well as the others around you....
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