Nepal's Millennium Development Goals

Topics: Millennium Development Goals, United Nations, Health care Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: January 18, 2014
New List MDG’s- Nepal case study
GOAL 1.Eradicate Extreme poverty and hunger- Eradicating poverty is the greatest global challenge in the world. Once education is acquired, earning student will develop their communities, young goals academically and adults goals agriculturally. Target 1&2

GOAL 2.Achieve Universal Primary Education- Ensure Himanchal High school children will complete a full course of primary schooling; will have equal access to all levels of education. Nepal’s initiative to train and source educators signals dedication. Target 3

GOAL 3.Promote Gender Equality and Empower- Promote Nepal’s women equal access and full participation, on the basis of equality with men, decision-making at all levels, mainstreaming gender perspectives in all policies and strategies, eliminating all forms of violence and discrimination against women. Target 8&4

Goal 7.Ensure environmental sustainability-Recognize traditional and direct dependence on sustainable harvesting, continues to be essential to communities. Though the environment is being altered to build rooms for the clinic, water collection project. Basic rural infrastructure in Nangi is realised, transfer basic sustainable agricultural techniques and knowledge. Target 9&10

GOAL 8.Develop a Global Partner for Development-Recognizing the importance of building human solidarity irrespective of race, disabilities, religion, language, culture, tradition or academic with so many volunteers from all over the world. Global Partnerships that has means m and is endowed with the resources to address the challenges of Nangi. Target 12&18

GOAL 6.Combats HIV/AIDS, MALARIA and other Diseases- Address the impact of HIV/AIDS educational system about seriousness of the pandemic and especially the Epilepsy issue in Nangi. Strengthen capacity of health-care systems to deliver an efficient, accessible and affordable manner and treating other diseases.Target7&8.

GOAL 4.Reduce Child Mortality- The new clinic...
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