Millennium Development Goal 6

Topics: AIDS, Africa, HIV Pages: 5 (1954 words) Published: April 28, 2013
In the year 2000 leaders of 189 nations got together and agreed on a vision to see the future of the world with less poverty, the eradication of hunger and disease, a greater and higher survival rate of mothers and their infants, a world with better educated children, equal opportunities for women and finally a world where we have a healthier environment. In this essay I am going to discuss the millennium development goal 6 which is the eradication of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. This is a huge problem throughout Africa and especially closer to home in South Africa. I will be discussing the overview of the initial goal and discuss how the goal has progressed from origin to present time. I will also be looking at how South Africa has been dealing with the eradication of this goal. And finally my recommendations on how these goals could be achieved faster and better. The targets for the millenium development goal is to halt and beggin to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS, the second target was to achive universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS to all those who are in need of it by 2010 a. Thirdly halt and begin to reverse, by 2015 the incidence of malaleria and other major diseases. In 2000 when the goals where made one can see that is was a huge task and one that was going to need a huge amount of attention. Here are some facts that will give you a better understanding of the momentious task that 189 countries were facing. Everyday 7400 people are infected with HIV and 5500 die from AIDS-related illness. HIV remaint the leading casue of death amoung repoductive aged women world wide. An estimate of 33.4 million people living with HIV in 2008 two thirds being in sub-Saharan Africa. Access of HIV treatment in low and middle income countries increase ten fold over the span of five years. Malaria kills a child in the world every 45 seconds, close to 90 percent of malaria deaths occur in Africa, where it accounts for fifth of childhood mortality. 1.8 million people died for tuberculosis in 2008, about 500,00 of whom were HIV possitive. There are many interventions for health problems in low income countries, the prices have been falling and funds have been increasing. This does not however mean that the health goals have been increasing, in fact they have been decreasing. Time has proven that stronger health systems have proven to be key in achieving better health goals. The problem is improving the health systems. The unfortunate truth is that recent evidence has shown based on current trends that most third world counties will not reach the MDG health targets by 2015. Despite the fact that in order to achieve the MDGs the health problems must be tackled, over recent years there have been a number of affordable and effective interventions as well as an increasing international ‘care’ and assistance for specific diseases such and HIV/AIDS and malaria, This lead to the creation for the million dollar fund. Health is the most central aspect of the millennium development goals. The improvement of health can make a significant contribution to a number of millennium development goals such as poverty. When measuring the progress of the compaction of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases one has to measure progress throughout the fifteen years. Some countries have been consistently improving yet others are not and are sadly falling behind, which is the situation that most third world countries are in with achieving the millennium development goals. Despite the success of certain countries, the panorama of falling short overlooks health related targets in particular as a result of the ever declining global pandemic of HIV/AIDS, this has lowered life expectancy and especially economic gains in Africa. “Malaria, tuberculosis, access to safe water and sanitation and the use of fossil fuel as an indicator of indoor air pollution have similar prospects” (MCBI, 2013). In 2003 human development report put this situation in better...
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