Neolithic Revolution Essay

Topics: Agriculture, Civilization, Sociology Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Neolithic Revolution
Essential question: How did the Neolithic Revolution lead to the development of similar traits of civilization?
The Neolithic Revolution was a fundamental change in the way people lived. The shift from hunting & gathering to agriculture led to permanent settlements, the establishment of social classes, and the eventual rise of civilizations. It was a revolution of achieving social and technological advances, while economic, political, and social changes resulted from the rise of cities, allowing the ability to support an increasingly large population. Therefore, the Neolithic Revolution led to the seven traits of civilization.

Prior to the Neolithic Revolution’s transformations, people were forced to hunt for their own food. This resulted in humans following their food sources’ trail, whether it be hunting an animal, or essential natural resources. Because of the fact that people were constantly shifting from area to area based on their food, this labeled them as nomads; people who did not have a permanent home or residence. Due to the lack of food, there was a small population. Then, gradually, the Neolithic Revolution began to take place at different times and different places, a time period where humans shifted from gathering and hunting food to producing it. People began domesticating animals to provide food, as well as plants and crops, which varied depending on climate. As a result of domestication, agriculture began to take form. Agriculture is the farming of animals and plants, which made life easier and enabled people to remain in the same place. These were some of the building blocks for civilization that took place during the Neolithic Revolution.

Agriculture led to villages because farming encouraged the formation of larger and more stable communities than had existed before Neolithic times. Most hunting humans moved in small groups containing no more than 60 individuals who could not settle in a single spot lest...
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