Neighbourhood Watch and Stolen

Topics: Protagonist, Stolen Generations, Character Pages: 5 (2736 words) Published: December 4, 2014
What are the various individual experiences the TWO plays explored within Australian society?

Neighbourhood watch explores the individual experiences:
Isolation- all the characters carry an element of loneliness. Catherine is isolated through the memory of Martin (previous boyfriend). Ken is isolated, in his own ‘World of Warcraft’. Ana’s angry temper leads her to live in isolation, stating ‘Ana no trust anyvon’ War- the flashbacks into Ana’s past through a non-linear structure project Ana’s past of war in her previous country, Hungary. For example, the flashback where we see a working nurse with a soldier who had lost his leg during the war. Loss- Ana loses her father during the war, we see this through a flask back where the gypsy sings for the loss of ANAs dad, singing ‘Never anymore vill the start to shining in the sky above this roof… never to come… never anymore’ to express the hurt and tragic loss ANA feels. Catherine has also experienced loss through her ex-boyfriend who had recently committed suicide, her grieving mechanism is shown through her lack of eating and through the repetition of Kens (her housemate) nagging of her to eat, for example through his imperative dialogue after Catherine tries to argue that she had already eaten ‘That’s such a pathetic lie. I’m making you a sandwich.’ It demonstrates her eating disorder caused by her loss of her boyfriend’s death. Love: Ana projects her love for her second husband, Vladimir. Ana’s love for her Vladimir is projected through her everlasting support for him until his death where she says ‘when you is dying and I is bathing your overhead, kissing your hands, carrying you on my shoulder, vashing your kaka, drying your peepee, you is very grateful’. Catherine is still in love with Martin and through the repetition of Catherine imagining Martins reappearance this symbolises her continuous love and missing of him. Friendship: Friendship is depicted as a healing process for Catherine and Ken, and Catherine and Ana. As an element of friendship is helping one another out, Ken helps out Catherine by trying to get her to eat properly and find employment. Ana helps Catherine out as she is always finding ways to make her live a safer life and move on from her previous love (Martin). Stolen explores the individual experiences of:

Loss of Aboriginal identity: All 5 main characters undergo the loss of their aboriginal identity through the harsh isolation process that the white people implemented during the stolen generation. This is evident when JIMMY accuses the white people of stealing his soul in ‘I’ve been a thug and a thief- but I’ve never stolen anyone’s soul’. A sense of place: individuals experience a sense of place which symbolises themselves and their past, for example, Sandy’s dialogue stating ‘Back to me place. That bit of red desert. I still remember it. The sand must have seeped into my brain.’ Symbolises his missing of the past through a sense of place. Cultural stereotypes and Cultural superiority: ALL 5 main characters are isolated, stolen from their birth families and witness the ‘cultural stereotypes’ through the superior and authorial figures of the ‘white people’ the white peoples superiority and authority is strongly portrayed through ‘Unspoken Abuse’ where Ruby’s mood significantly transforms from happy to severely enclosed and depressed. Her depressed state is evident through ‘RUBY returns more slowly than she ever had before. She is dragging a book’ her slowed body language emphasises her depressed state through the abuse experienced by the ‘superior’ white people. Hope and reconciliation: This is seen through the end of the play when Sandy emphasises ‘I don’t have to hide- I’m going home’ to emphasise his persistence, hope and reconciliation in finding home through positive dialogue. What are the TWO performance styles that are used in the plays and identify scenes from the plays that demonstrate each style? A Non naturalistic performance...
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