Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

Topics: Negotiation, Barack Obama, United States Congress Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: March 15, 2011

Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis
Nathan Casteel
University of Phoenix
Dr. Sylvester Fadal
November 12, 2010

Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis
Negotiation can be described as the bargain at the individual or collective level to gain the advantages and opportunities by satisfying the other parties and solving their issues and problems (Maiese, 2003). In the negotiation process the parties don’t’ get to be personal and control their emotions. They should have to think in a practical manner (RCM Staff Report, 2007). The two articles discussed in this paper are Deal Struck on Stimulus Bill written by Phil Mintz and Google and China: a tight-lipped conversation, which is given by B. Emirzian. These two articles discuss a negotiation situation by using different negotiation strategies. In the first article, two parties are using negotiation strategies to sort out their problems and gain benefits for both sides. In the second article, a situation of negotiation between Google and Chinese Government is described regarding the issue of online access of information. Negotiation Process used in These Articles

According to the first article, the negotiation situation how everyone would be benefiting and how the economic stimulus package would be used. The proposed bill was opposed by republicans but the Demarcate were in the favor of bill. Both the Democrats and Republican wanted to make adjustments to gain higher benefits (Mintz, 2009). They were trying to make strategies, which will bring fair compromise for all the parties. According to President Obama “The bill before Congress isn't perfect, but it is absolutely necessary. We will continue to refine it and improve it. There may be provisions in the bill that need to be left out and some that need to be added” (Mintz, 2009). In order to satisfy all the parties a new bill was proposed by the Congress, which is...

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