Need of Planners

Topics: Personal digital assistant, Plan, Middle age Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Need of Planners

Most of us have plans to make our lives as fruitful as possible. That is why we have created all types of memos and planners to avoid unnecessary engagements and to enjoy our life to the fullest. We all need a planner to organize our schedules. Mankind has come up with a name for a planner of almost every kind like daily planners, weekly planners, monthly planners, yearly plannesr, holiday planners, electronic planners, game night planners and so on. Today the craze has increased to this extent that some of us are using this concept of planning to make our livelihood. Now we plan parties, weddings, funerals etc. Now-a-days our lifestyle moves around schedules and plans. We often prepare our schedule and make plans for doing everything even for visiting our own family members. Today we can organize our daily life without appointing a personal assistant. Some planners like Electronic daily planners, PDAs (personal digital assistant) and computer notebooks were particularly designed for the people who are often busy. These days electronic planners and diaries are easily available and very popular among the people who want to carry lightweight and compact planners to do things they want to do. It also helps them get rid of the onerous task of carrying lots of paper with them. For that reason only mobiles today are equipped with almost all the features, they work as a PDA, they enable you to send and receive emails and surf the web.

The developers equipped phones with all these features to make our lives easier and to help us organize our schedules without any difficulties. But still we have some people who are not willing to accept changes and they want to stick to the same old devices and their primitive lifestyle. These people don’t welcome changes. They are rather traditional and cynical even about the matter of their own interests. They carry the same bulky daily planners whose leaves are discolored have become brown with time....
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