Ncfe Equality and Diversity Ass 2

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Unit two: Explore prejudice and discrimination



1. Define the terms ‘stereotyping’ and ‘labelling’.
Stereotyping: This means to categorise a group of people based on certain characteristics or behaviour. For example, calling all people who wear black clothing a ‘Goth’. A stereotype is often just a general assumption. Labelling: This means to place a label on someone which will place them in a certain category. This can often have negative effects on people. If they have been labelled in a certain way many times then they can start to actually begin to behave like the given label.

2. Why do people stereotype?
People often stereotype in order to deal with differences that they do not understand or dislike. This helps them feel safe and to think that they can justify actions by doing so. If people use a negative stereotype about a group of people this makes them feel superior and they think that their values and beliefs are right.


a) Give an example of a stereotype that might be used about a teenager. All teenagers are smoking, drinking, hoodie criminals.

b) Where might you find this?
This stereotype is used all over the media at the moment. It seems to be in the paper and news every day.

4. Explain what might happen if you labelled someone as a ‘trouble maker’.

Often when someone is continually labelled in the same way, they can adopt that behaviour and be true to the label. This is due to your self image partly being made of the way other people label you. This is called self-fulfilling prophecy.

5. Stereotyping can lead to various outcomes. Identify the meanings of the following:


This means an unjust force of power, force or authority over people.


This means to have no power or influence.


This means unfair or unequal treatment to a certain group of people based on a shared characteristic.


This means to use something or someone for personal gain, without regard for that person or thing.

Denial of rights

This means that a person’s freedom of rights has been stopped or blocked.

6. Give two examples of how stereotypes and labels can be created.

a) The media have a strong influence on creating stereotypes and labels. As the media have a massive audience this is the most powerful way.

b) People in power or work etc create both stereotypes and labels.

7. What external factors can influence individuals’ prejudices?

External factors that influence people’s prejudices are the same as the ones that influence stereotyping and labelling. - Media, i.e. newspapers, magazines, television, advertising. - People at work, in powerful positions, friends, family.

- Governments, authorities, businesses.


a) What is the meaning of ‘prejudice’?

This means to have a preconceived opinion, a biased opinion, before all the facts are known.

b) Give an example of prejudice.
The Holocaust was based on prejudice. The Germans believed that they were more powerful and superior to the Jews and discriminated against them for that. They were thought to not be worthy of having a life with choices.


a) What is the meaning of ‘discrimination’?

This means unfair or unequal treatment of a person in equal circumstances.

b) Give an example of discrimination.

There are a number of different types of discrimination; ages, race, sexual, disability. An...
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