Naval Philosophies of CAPT Mahan and ADM Zumwalt

Topics: Navy, Royal Navy, American Revolutionary War Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: March 31, 2014
Naval Philosophies of CAPT Mahan and ADM Zumwalt
Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt and Captain Alfred T. Mahan were both incredibly influential to the American naval force. Mahan’s influences were drawn from the wars between Seventeenth century England, France, Holland, and Spain. He learned about naval blockades and the critical necessity of controlling trade and other commerce from the sea. This was not a common practice for his time period. ADM Zumwalt agreed upon the strategic agenda in the OPNAV organizational structure. Both Zumwalt and Mahan believed firmly that the navy’s function was command of the seas. Another common belief was that the navy should be deployed in battle fleets. Zumwalt attempted to institutionalize a shift in the Navy’s strategy focus from power projection to sea control. He believed large steps must be taken in order to make any progress at all in the navy. He wanted to increase the size of the navy and did so by taking large steps in the first few months after taking office. Mahan would have agreed with Zumwalt’s ideas of naval increase. He provided a needs to build a battleship navy capable of defeating enemy fleets. Mahan said that the value of commerce destruction cannot win wars and should be a secondary mission. Zumwalt also believed in this strategy and applied it to other tactical procedures. Through Zumwalt integrating personnel into the navy, and Mahan developing the science of conducting a naval campaign in large-scale and term aspects, the two were some of the greatest influential figures in the United States Navy. 1.

Ship Design Changes between the Revolutionary War and Today
Ship designs have changed drastically from the beginning of the United States’ navy until now. The Revolutionary War brought about change in the way militaries in the colonies operated, especially its naval force. From the start, colonial naval ship fleets during this time period were relatively unorganized and small in...
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