The Path of Empire 1890-1899: Notes

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Chapter 29. The Path of Empire 1890 – 1899

1)Imperialist Stirrings
“yellow press” (Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst) •Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest = U.S the fittest, take over other nations and make better •Alfred Thayer Mahan wrote The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783 •James G. Blaine and “Big Sister” policy

2)Monroe’s Doctrine and the Venezuelan Squall
British Guiana and Venezuela disputed their border because of gold •U.S. sent a note to Britain telling them they were trespassing Monroe Doctrine •Britain sent something back saying the Doctrine did not exist •Almost went to war

Doctrine was strengthened
3)Spurning the Hawaiian Pear
U.S. always liked Hawaiian Islands.
Treaties gave U.S. rights to Pearl Harbor
1890, McKinley Tariff raised the prices on Hawaiian sugar •Wanted to annex Hawaii, although opposed by queen, U.S. suceeded by Cleveland took office and said not until he was out of office could annexation occur. 4)Cubans Rise in Revolt

1895, Cubans revolt against Spain
America supported Cubans, but Cleveland would do nothing, yet again. 5)The Mystery of the Maine Explosion
yellow press war and negative Spanish imagery was big
February 9, 1898, letter written by Spanish minister to Washington, ridiculing president was published. •Maine mysteriously exploded in Havana Harbor, America blamed Spain, turned out to be accidental explosion. 6)McKinley Unleashes the Dogs of War

America wanted war but president McKinley didn’t like war •Send message to Congress because war with Spain seemed to be inevitable •Congress adopted Teller Amendment, which would free Cubans if U.S. won 7)Dewey’s May Day Victory at Manila

U.S. won and took over islands.
8)Unexpected Imperialistic Plums
Dewey had control but had to wait for assistance and other countries decided to protect their investments •Troops arrived and took over Manila
Annexed Hawaii
9)The Confused Invasion...
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