Nationalism and Imperialism in Russia and Ukraine

Topics: Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, Crimea Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: April 27, 2014

Nationalism and Imperialism in Russia and Ukraine

With months of violent outbreaks in the Ukraine cities, a fleeing president, Crimea wanting to join Russia and an approaching Russian military, Ukraine’s people are on edge. Earlier this month, British Foreign Secretary William Hague called the standoff in Ukraine the "biggest crisis in Europe of the 21st century." Today, Russia and Ukraine have many nationalist views and imperialistic ideas that are resulting in actions. In November, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych announced Ukraine was abandoning an agreement that would strengthen ties with the European Union. As a result of the announcement, many in Ukraine were not happy, and protesters took to the streets. Protesters were fighting for closer relations with Europe and wanting to end growing ties with Russia. Protesters were losing hope when no actions in their favor were being made. Therefore the protesters stopped believing there would be any peaceful negotiations. On Feb. 22, Yanukovych left the country after government troops under his command attacked and killed 82 protesters in Kiev. The Ukraine parliament voted to replace him in his absence. Ukraine's new president, Oleksandr Turchinov, issued an arrest for Yanukovych, who left but still claims to be the “real” president of Ukraine.

Crimea, a region of southern Ukraine has its own parliament separate from the Ukraine. But has been part of Ukraine since the 1950s. The Crimean port city of Sevastopol is home to naval bases for Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine declared independence from Russia in 1991. Crimea wants to rejoin Russia for nationalist and imperialist reasons. Russia is trying to gain control of Crimea again. After the Ukraine president fled, pro-Russian Crimeans held protests in the streets showing they wanted to secede from Ukraine. Crimean military surrounded Ukraine military bases in Crimea, where more than half the population is Russian. Assault troops...
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