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Viktor Yanukovych

Political Science 170 Short Writing Assignment #1 Due: September 19, 2014 Conflict Among Russia, Ukraine, and the United States Following the Ukrainian Revolution in February of 2014, which ultimately led to the impeachment of President Viktor Yanukovych, an interim government and president was put into place in Ukraine and was recognized by both the United States and the European Union. Because of this, the Crimean Peninsula, a piece of land located along the coast of the Black Sea in Ukraine...

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Us-Ukraine Relations

other countries part of the former Soviet Union are at risk of losing their independence. Russia's interest in the region has recently come to light during the election scandal of 2004. Russia's president, Vladimir Putin strongly supported candidate Yanukovych in the election. Yanukovych's main policies dealt with "Russifying the Ukraine", and obviously the west did not support this. On the other hand, Yanukovych's opponent Yushchenko supports more western based ideas. During the investigation into the...

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The Use Of History, Kuzwana, By Pawel Kuczynski

This piece was created early 2014. During that time, the most prominent event that this piece could be referring to is the Ukrainian Revolution in February of 2014. The leader, Viktor Yanukovych, turned down the favored relationship with the European Union which would have granted Ukraine funds. The former President Yanukovych turned down this proposal and chose to side with Russia, signing a multibillion-dollar loan which angered the people of Ukraine igniting the start of this revolution. Protestors...

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Ukraine crisis briefing paper

Introduction. Tension in Ukraine began to rise when then the president Viktor Yanukovych rejected a deal proposed by the European Union regarding trade agreements. Late last year when this deal was in consideration, Viktor Yanukovych began to express his doubts in the final stages about signing the trade agreement. For everyone in Ukraine it was clear that Vladimir Putin pressured Viktor Yanukovych so much that essentially Putin made Yanukovych reject the deal. Just days later on 17th December Putin agrees...

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Report on Crimea's Situation

Ukraine had been having major internal issues since the 2010 elections, prior to those elections the Ukrainian leader, Viktor Yushchenko presented a more pro-western policy with aims of eventually joining the European Union. During the 2010 elections however there was a division in the party, and both Yushchenko and Tymoschenko ran for president, allowing for the opposition leader, Viktor Yanukovich to be elected. Yanukovich presented a much more pro-Russian stance, by extending the agreement of Russian...

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Is russia justified in its actions in crimea?

A revolution in Ukraine took place in February 2014 after a series of violent events in the capital of Kiev culminated with the ousting of the then President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. This was followed by a series of changes in quick succession in Ukraine's socio-political system, including the installation of a new improvised government, the revival of an older version of the constitution, and the request to hold spontaneous...

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A Question for the President or Leader of Your Country

you had the opportunity, what would you ask the president or leader of your country, and why? Nowadays it is a popular trend among leaders of CIS countries to hold Q&A sessions with the people of their countries at least once a year. Mr. Yanukovych, the President of Ukraine, followed this trend as well and held the session at the end of February 2011 just one year after his election. Over 50 thousands of questions were sent prior to the event. One of them was mine. Among the questions...

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Euromaidan [21 November 2013 –present] The Euromaidan is a wave of ongoing demonstrations, civil unrest and revolution in Ukraine, which began on the night of 21 November 2013 with public protests demanding closer European integration. President Viktor Yanukovych’s government announced Ukraine is abandoning an agreement to strengthen ties with the European Union and is instead seeking closer cooperation with Moscow. This was the immediate cause of the Euromaidan protests. There were other reasons...

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what the mainstream media wont tell about the aerial disaster of ukraine

government propaganda on the event, there are a few things they will not report. They will not report that the crisis in Ukraine started late last year, when EU and US-supported protesters plotted the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych. Without US-sponsored “regime change,” it is unlikely that hundreds would have been killed in the unrest that followed. Nor would the Malaysian Airlines crash have happened. The media has reported that the plane must have been shot down by Russian...

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Nationalism and Imperialism in Russia and Ukraine

Hague called the standoff in Ukraine the "biggest crisis in Europe of the 21st century." Today, Russia and Ukraine have many nationalist views and imperialistic ideas that are resulting in actions. In November, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych announced Ukraine was abandoning an agreement that would strengthen ties with the European Union. As a result of the announcement, many in Ukraine were not happy, and protesters took to the streets. Protesters were fighting for closer relations...

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