Narrative Voice in Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is written in third person narrative. This third person narrative is very omniscient as the reader is able to see each characters point of view. This therefore allows the reader to be able to understand and interpret each situation or dilemma that the individual characters are going through. They are able to understand the characters relationships as the chapters are chronologically ordered in order for the events that happen in the story to be conveyed as such. Even though the narrator is very omniscient and knows the events leading up to the end of the novel, the narrator is very unintrusive. This means that they do not comment directly on events in the story or relationships between the characters in the story. The only way that the narrator expresses their views is by the way that they present the characters and imply certain views of their through the way the character is shown and perceived by the reader. This therefore can influence the way the reader interprets the events and characters in the story and is done by the author and narrator in a way that allows their views to be taken in by the reader. The third person narrative is equally shared by each of the four main characters therefore making the idea of the narrator being omniscient seem more believable. At the start of every novel in the Pretty Little Liars series, there is a section called ‘How It All Started’ which gives an overview, in the third person narrative, of the events leading up to the rest of the situations and dilemmas in the forthcoming chapters. This section is very extra diegetic as it is naming each of the characters and not referring to them as ‘her’ or ‘him’ or ‘they’. This means that they are outside the world of the story. The rest of the novel is more intra diegetic as it is like the narrator is inside the world of the story and therefore is able to give a better overview. It is like the narrator is another small character in the...
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