Napoleon Bonaparte

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The Empire Times

Josephine Bonaparte

Josephine, sitting elegantly for a portrait.

Josephine is a very well-known and talented women as many already know. Even before her marriage with our “beloved” emperor she was a trend setter for all of France. After her marriage with Napoleon, he went off to fight in the Italian Campaigns. A few short years later, he divorced Josephine stating, “... although I do love her very much, she has failed to produce an heir for me.” Directly avoiding a statement that all of Europe already knows. Napoleon, being the great general he is, was often gone off for wars. In the courts, hushed whispers spoke about Josephine's.... intimate relationships with many of the males around her. Although it was not the reason he divorced her, it certainly did cripple the marriage.

Even though they are now divorced, it seems that Napoleon still keeps on terms with her. He occasionally visits her for whatever reason and hold her opinion high in many matters.

The Russian Campaign

One month ago this day, Napoleon head off with the largest army every assembled in known European history. Over 600,000 troops head off to fight the Russians on their own ground. Napoleon himself swears that he shall not only defeat the vast lands and armies of Russia but will take over an even larger land for France.

How did this alliance break? Well looking back only a few weeks back to the launch of the invasion, the Tsar of Russia has decided that he no longer wanted Napoleon to be his ally and as such, he decided that he wanted no part in the Continental System. Before Napoleon could confront him about his treacherous actions, the Tsar declared himself an ally of Britian. Then swiftly, Napoleon declared war on Russia and invades with his Grande Army! This shall be a brilliant victory for France once again! Viva la France!

A map detailing the routes taken by the Grand Army so far.

The Rise of Napoleon

France is assured victory against Russia...
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