NAB's Break Up Campaign and the Three Tasks of Advertising

Topics: Bank, The Break-Up, Westpac Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: March 19, 2011
On Feb 14th, 2011, which was also Valentine’s day, NAB launched a campaign named “It’s over between us” or “The Break Up”. The campaign purpose was to persuade, and change customers’ mind, so that they will not categorize NAB in group of the Big four banks in Australia anymore; instead, customers would see NAB as a modern, active and customer-toward bank. It provided forceful evidences such as NAB did not charge fee for a number of packages and if it did, the fee would be lower than Westpac, Commonwealth Bank and ANZ’s. Besides, NAB also offered $700 for customers who switch from Westpac, ANZ or Commonwealth Bank to NAB. Although it is pretty early to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign, it is visible that the campaign has fulfilled two out of three vital tasks of advertising, which are ensuring that the campaign gets noticed and is remembered by the audience. Firstly, “The Break Up” campaign has been successful in getting the audience’s notice by a combination of various mediums including social network – Twitter, prints, outdoor, online, etc. in nationwide. Combining the strengths of different channels in one campaign is not new, but utilizing many mediums effectively at the same time and in a wide area as NAB did is definitely a challenging mission. Secondly, the bank has enabled customers to remember its advertisements due to the shocking big idea and the massiveness of its campaign ; from the teaser on Twitter two days before Valentine ’s Day, the Break up survey presented by Zoe Foster, and dozens of break-up videos in all over the country to the break-up letter sent to its rivals. As The Break Up appeared everywhere in Australia, and especially around Valentine’s Day customers must remember NAB’s new campaign. However, the possibility that NAB can successfully persuade customers to switch from their banks to NAB after one night is still questionable because choosing a banking service is a long process which requires a lot of thinking and high...
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