Myrtle Beach vs. Gatlinburg

Topics: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Great Smoky Mountains, Dolly Parton Pages: 2 (1155 words) Published: October 23, 2014
There are two vacation spots I frequently visited in my youth that hold special memories for me. The two places are Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. When I was very young and lived in South Florida, my family would make our yearly two-week vacation to our home in Boone, NC. Each year, this trip included a visit to Gatlinburg. I hold very special memories of these trips and still love to visit the Gatlinburg area. When I moved to North Carolina in my late teens, Myrtle Beach was the vacation and summer break spot. Even on my first visit to Myrtle Beach, although very different, it instantly reminded me of my trips to Gatlinburg as a child. Although both places are very different, in many ways they are very much the same. After going from the vacationing child, to the paying adult, I realized more and more how both places appeal to the same vacationer. I also realized that forms of entertainment were either the same or comparable. Myrtle Beach and Gatlinburg compliment and differ in many ways, and a few of those examples are stage entertainment, restaurants, and scenic vacation experiences. Both vacation spots have tons of entertainment. Sometimes the problem with family vacation spots is not what are we going to do, but how are we going to do it all In Myrtle Beach, some of my favorite entertainment activities are Big Laughs Theatre Wild 4 Hypnosis Comedy Show. Located in Surfside Beach, SC, this show is a belly-laughing good time. This show consists of audience members being hypnotized and doing funny things they do not remember. The show is great for all ages, which makes it a family favorite. Another fun entertaining place in Myrtle Beach is The Carolina Opry. The Carolina Opry is the only show named, Top Attraction in Myrtle Beach by CNN, New York Times, and USA Today, just to name a few. Shows at this location would include, Light, a laser light show to music such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin, Good...

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