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english comp lesson 3 sensory essay
Topics: Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney, Amusement park, The Starry Night, Walt Disney World Resort, Florida / Pages: 2 (595 words) / Published: May 14th, 2015

Five Experiences, One Vacation Most people think of Disney World as a place for children. So, when my boys began asking to go there for our family vacation, I wasn’t very excited. I had never been there and imagined me and my husband just following the boys around the park. Boy, was I wrong! Each of us had a wonderful time and it seems that we all remember things different, even though we were all together on the same vacation. Our five different memories have apparently come from our five different senses. Jacob, my oldest son, has memories based on the wonderful sights of Disney World. Obviously, the most impressive image that comes to him is the colossal image that comes into view almost as soon as you enter the park. He recalls the vibrant colors that seemed to guide you from one attraction to another. He enjoyed the illuminating fireworks that lite up the starry night. But to my surprise, his favorite memory was taking numerous photos with the characters that could be found everywhere you looked. When considering a vacation at a theme park, I was most concerned with my middle son, Jordan. He has always been sensitive to sounds and I was afraid he would be irritated by the noise. He seems to pick up on sounds that most people usually don’t notice. Because of this, it doesn’t surprise me that his memories of our vacation are based on sounds. He recalls the music changing from each land. Sometimes, the music was soft and calming. His favorite was the up-beat music that made him want to dance. He remembers the different languages that are spoken throughout Epcot. His most revered memory is the screams of enjoyment coming from the rides. Jared, my youngest, remembers the fabulous aromas everywhere. He recalls the different smells that escaped the restaurants, but most impressive to him was the use of smells on the rides. He loved Soarin’ over the fragrant orange groves and holding his nose when the skunk appeared in Imagination. I am most amused by his memories of the smelly animals that we encountered throughout the parks. If you ask my husband, Gerry, about his memories of Disney World, he will tell you about how wonderful everything tasted. He loved trying exotic foods from every country at Epcot. He was amazed at the care that was put into the delicious cuisine at an amusement park. He loved the moist, fudgy, melt in your mouth, chocolate cake that could be found almost everywhere in the parks. His favorite memory of our vacation was hunting down smoky, salty, juicy, giant turkey legs. As a mom of three boys, I am used to saying, “Please don’t touch that!” At most places, kids are expected to keep their hands to themselves. I absolutely love that children are encouraged to touch everything. Special care has been put into the different textures on each attraction. Other than things you can touch with your hands, my best-loved recollections are the feeling of the breeze blowing through my hair, water splashing on my face, the heat from the Inferno, and of course, the soft bed each night. Even though I was hesitant about taking a trip to Disney World, I am so pleased that we went. We went together as a family but after talking to each of us about our memories, you would almost think that we each went on a different vacation. It is amazing how people with different personalities can experience the same event in different ways.

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