My University Life

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I will talk about something about my university life and how they shape my view of the diverse worlds. I was born in a small town which is created for a big chemical factory. Nearly all of our parents are work for the factory. The life there is simple and kind. The only thing we care about is to get better grades. At that time I think the world is so simple. Go to school then work like my parents in the factory. Married with a people who also in the same small town. Retire from my work like my grandpa and then sleep under the earth for a long time. But after enroll my first university which is in a big city everything changed. I found that the people there are worried about the future. They would like to make friend for the future work or earn money but not just for making friends. Some people do not study in the university but just make it like a society place. The people who live in that city are all different and have their own ideas. They all looks like so busy and to learn a lot of other things. Most of them want to talk about something like how well the others or how bad they does. Someone just think about themselves and care nothing else. I cannot tell how much I change the view of the world but from that I never think the world is simple like before. One year later I choose to study aboard and go to the city Ames here. I find different countries have different cultures and living styles. They know what they really want and enjoy. They know better of how to balance the life and what is the most important things in their lives. And a thing which comes to my mind first time is the race. Racial discrimination is the tings which all the people are sensitive about. And that make all the people think about the race. That is the thing which I never think before. And there are a lot of countries come to my mind. And all of those things in my mind separate the world into a lot of pieces. And I have never felt so confuse like now.
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