My Thoughts About Science

Topics: Theory, Scientific method, Science Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: January 28, 2015
My Thoughts About ScienceName______Krystalina Truong___________

After reading “Thoughts About Science” by Robert Sager, write a one-half to one page (no longer) reflective essay on your thoughts about science and environmental science.

Reading “Thoughts About Science” intrigued my research towards what science really is. Whether or not someone may believe that the earth started out with a great boom, the amount of research we have today about why we can survive living on this planet explains other theories. The scientific method shows how we can take thoughts and turn them into facts with a reasonable way of doing so. I think the scientific method is great to use as humans because it involves tons of research and not just a thought we claim is true. Questioning our mind and putting it into actions such as testing if the thought may be true or not shows we can explain our reason here on earth. Although there are many other contradictions, such as religious and cultural beliefs, I think as humans we have to accept scientific facts in our lives because it makes up our development of humankind. Without science, we could be living in a world where all humans die because we don’t know how to survive in terms of what to do if we get a fever, what to do to nourish our bodies and so forth. Science, in my opinion, is all about testing hypothesis so that we can better ourselves. Some scientists may go back to a hypothesis or theory that was proven a long time ago, yet touch back on it to see if we can improve a certain formula / truth. I think science helps our environment because the environment has so many factors that we need in order to survive (animals, plants, heat, etc). Knowing that we need these through the help of science will better ourselves even if we go through negative times where a thought may not be able to be proven.
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