Science and Religion

Topics: God, Religion, Universe Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: April 7, 2014
There has always been a controversy between science and religion to see which one is the truth. Relying on the definitions of science and religion, the difference seems to be obvious because these two concepts originate from different dimensions of human activities. Science is usually referred to as the study of processes, forces, and development of nature, which is based on the analysis of evidence. Religion, on the other hand, is closely bonded to faith that is a profound concept in Christianity. There are still many questions for this controversy that still remain unsolved. So, which one do you believe in?

When applying scientific approach, one assumes that various processes and events we observe take place due to natural causes instead of some divine forces. Moreover, science is precise, and the matters of morality, spirituality, and holiness lie beyond its areas of interest. Also, often describes any systematic field of study or the knowledge gained from it. We have been using science to help us find unsolved clues or used it in solved clues such as dinosaur bones, mammoths, mummies, for weather explanations, earthquakes, etc. The use of science removed gods. Before science was brought to the world, there were many gods, mostly for mother nature such as, rain, sun, wind, and so on. Furthermore, we no longer turn to god for rain because science has answered that. We only turn to god for questions science can’t answer such as, when will we die, where will we go? Although there is proof that we go somewhere after death.

When it comes to religion, you believe that some god or goddess is the one who has the worship of a controlling power. For example, if it hasn’t rained, its because the god or goddess of rain is being or has been unsatisfied somehow. Traditionally, a lot of people believe in god/s and will do anything to please them. Often, the main bases of religion is revelation given by a deity that is either orally transmitted from elders to their...
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