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Topics: Full-time, Drug addiction, Family Pages: 3 (1158 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Ceremonial Speech Outline
It seems like a life time ago when I first met my best friend Sheri K, when in all reality it has only been 10 years. We have been through so much together over the course of that 10 years, raising kids, laughing and crying together, loses and gains in life, and so many celebrations. Through us our kids have even grown to be best friends and extended family to each other. Then two years ago the ultimate test of our friendship would come along, I moved to another state. Would our friendship be able to stand the test of distance? The night before we were to move we realized we needed another U-Haul truck to finish packing our house but we did not have a driver. Sheri volunteered to make the long journey with us. She took her vacation time and packed up her son too and on the road we went the following day. It has been two years since that long journey. I have grown, matured more and made a few new friends here and there along the way. She has done the same. Somehow though we have managed to stay in touch, keep each other advised and shared all the challenges of life together even though we are over 1,700 miles apart. We both look forward to vacation time and short breaks in life to where we can talk on the phone to just be friends. Subject Sentence: It is with my great pleasure that I would like to introduce to you my best friend Sheri K, the person she was, the person she is and the person she has inspired me to become. Connective: The past life that Sheri has overcome to become the person she is today. Body

1) The past hurdles that Sheri has had to overcome
A) Unstable childhood
a. Both parents suffer from substance abuse/mental health issues b. Sheri had to basically raise herself and her siblings, parentified at a very young age. c. Emotionally deprived childhood, not enough hugs and kisses and positive reinforces growing up. B) Substance abuse

d. Marijuana
e. Cocaine
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