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A Breath of Fresh Air

The ghost of Madam Nee Babrax Kaur would indeed be very ecstatic without any shadow of doubt with the way our school’s library looks today. A walk down memory lane would certainly remind us of how the library looked before and the drastic transformation it has undergone today. With what looked like a rustic old library now outlines a contemporary look with a touch of sleekness. From the Cedar countertop all the way to the little grafitis hanging on the walls really does define the term “into the today’s zone”. The space has also been very wisely segregated with the ICT section on one side and the reading section on another giving much intended free space encouraging efficient mobility as opposed to last time’s morning congestion. All of these would not have been possible without the two masterminds who I would say the pioneers behind this success, our beloved ex-principal Mr.

Cheng Sai Lak AMN, AMP and Dr Kathirasan AMP. They spearheaded last year’s mega fund-raising project, the Indian Cultural Show which raised a warping of more than RM31, 000 and this big sum of money was generously donated for the up scaling purpose of our school’s library. Since then, our library was being upgraded till very the finished piece that we all feel very content with today. Apart from that, the addition of two new coffee tables in the library definitely provide a sense of privacy. Now, do not ever think about chit chatting as it is still strictly prohibited! The library also received a new coat of paint quite recently. But not everything had been transformed as the separate reading room is kept just the way it is as tradition must prevail. It is very fascinating to see that ACS is giving everything that it has to preserve and treasure its very valuable and priceless heirloom, our library. So, we are shouldered with a responsibility of taking good care of our library as it is our heritage.

(prepared by Raghuraman, 4B)
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