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1.You are unhappy with the poor condition and services of your school library. Write a report to your principal. You must use the notes given below. Rude librarian
Insufficient space
Old furniture
Old and torn books
Faulty media equipment
Short borrowing period
When writing the report, you should remember:
to provide a title
to use all the notes given
the elaborate the note
To: The Principal of Sekolah Menengah Sains Bertam
The Poor Conditions And Services By The Library
My name is Ahmad Bin Mohd. Ali. I am very unhappy with the conditions and services provided by our school library. This is a serious matter and should be solved as soon as possible. First of all, the librarians are very rude. They often scold us when we return the books late although we pay the fine. It is hard to see them smile. So I hope you will do something about this. There is insufficient place to sit and read. Our school has about 1000 students. The library is too small. We have to stand and sit outside the library along the corridor to read books or newspaper. Besides, the library has old furniture. The chairs are all rusty and some even broken. The tables are shaking and might fall one day. The racks are very old. We are afraid if would fall anytime. I request the school to buy new furniture. Apart from that, our library is filled with old and torn books, which are not suitable for the students. Some of us have asked the teacher in charge to buy new books but he said the library has financial problems. Other than that, the media equipment is faulty. The students cannot access computers anytime they want. The television cannot be switched on. We hope that the school will buy a new television or repair the old one. Finally, the students are not satisfied with the borrowing period, which is too short. We can only borrow the reference books for two days. We can borrow the story books for one week. We hope the library would expand the borrowing period. This is all I would like to complain about. I hope you will look into this matter as soon as possible. Reported by,

(Ahmad bin Mohd. Ali)
Student from form 5A,
SM Sains Bertam,
Pulau Pinang.
2. Imagine that you were very dissatisfied with the food and service at an expensive restaurant where you entertained your family. Write a letter of complaint to the restaurant’s management. Include the following points: - Rude waiters

- Poorly cooked food
- Unhygienic conditions
- Wrongly totalled bill
- Noisy surroundings
- Old and uncomfortable furniture
In your letter you should:
- state your complaint
- elaborate on your complaints
- ask the management to rectify the complaints
- express your thoughts about dining at the restaurant again Lot A13 Taman Berjaya,
Nibung Tebal,
13500 N.Tebal,
Pulau Pinang.
The Manager,
Seasons Restaurant,
Jalan Simpang Ampat,
13500 Simpang Ampat. 09 SEPTEMBER 2013
Dear Sir,
Complaint About Unsatisfactory Food And Restaurant Service
I wish to express my dissatisfaction about the food and service at your established and well-known restaurant. On behalf of my family, I would like to raise a few points regarding this matter. My family and I had dinner at your restaurant on 08 September 2013 to celebrate my mother’s 50th birthday. We expected to have a great time at your seafood restaurant but unfortunately we did not. 2. Your waiters treated us rudely and inconsiderately. We had to wait for about half an hour before we could order any food. The waiter spoke to us rudely whilst taking the orders. In fact, he scolded my mother who wanted to have a cup of tea without sugar. He claimed that the restaurant does not serve such a drink. For your information, my mother has diabetes and is trying to avoid taking sugary food and drinks. 3. The poorly cooked food was also unsatisfactory. We were surprised to find out that the roast chicken and fish that we had ordered were still raw and inedible. The mushroom soup tasted a...
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