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My Peaceful Place

By t_suggs Dec 03, 2013 258 Words
Ms. Brown
English 073
18 September 2012

My Peaceful Place
Near Point Fermin Park there is a place. It’s a place where I go to get out of my house to cool down, in a bad mood, or there to think about the positive things. When I come to this place I feel free and at ease with myself. I feel like no one can disturb me, nothing can faze me, and nothing can make me upset when I am here. When I am here I feel the nice, warm sun on my face and the breeze blowing through my hair. I smell the ocean when the breeze passes me as I sit there on the edge of the rock. When I am here I feel rebellious, blessed, and hopeful. Sitting there I hear and see beautiful things. The sounds I hear are the waves splashing on the rocks. I see the bubbles when the water is done splashing on the rocks. I keep coming here because it’s such an addictive atmosphere. As I sit there on the rock, I hear birds talking to each other, and sometimes I even hear sea lions which are funny to hear. I look up at the big blue sky and see the big cotton candy clouds they look tasty to eat. When looking up, I think about my future and what I can do for it. I think about being successful and making my parents and most importantly myself happy with my future. I love this place. This is my peaceful place.

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