A Day at the Beach

Topics: English-language films, Water, Fish Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: August 26, 2013
One day as I was taking a walk on the beach, I stopped to admire the crystal blue waters of the ocean. I could see schools of tropical fish, starfish floating in and out with the tide, and a pair of crabs fighting over a recently caught meal. I looked upwards on the horizon and noticed a storm coming in. “I’ll just play in the water for a few minutes.” I jumped in the ocean and swam away from the beach, leaving the stress of everyday life behind me. What feels like an eternity of serene peace abruptly ends as I look above me and see a maelstrom of death. Everyone has left me and I stand alone, bobbing my head in and out of the once peaceful water. I struggle to reach the shore, as I feel my will to live seeping away with every crash of a wave, sending me under into the cold depths of nothing. What was once a boring beach filled with random tourists and empty aluminum cans now seemed like a safe haven. I struggled and squirmed for just one gasp of air, as I finally fell into the depths of nothing. In my final moments I reminisced what was meant to be a happy trip to the beach. I came here to get away from my life, and instead I want nothing more than to return back to it. Suddenly everything came rushing into focus at once, I found myself lying on the sand with a group of people surrounding me. As I stood up to head back to my apartment, I looked back at the now peaceful ocean. It may have not been the best day at the beach, but it did teach me to enjoy all the little things in life.
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