Water and Backyard

Topics: Water, Plant, Fruit Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Heather Fuller
Ms. Matagrano
English Composition 1
August 2, 2014
“Joys of a Backyard”
Stepping out the door into Nature feeling relax and peace. My favorite place is the backyard at my dad’s house because I love the trees, the smell of plants, the way the grass feels, the sounds, and the concrete fire place. Any chance I would get, I would spend in the backyard finding myself fully relaxed when in the backyard. I find that everyday people stressed with school, work, and money we do not know how to wine down. The backyard gives me a sense of relaxing. My parents bought this house because of the backyard in California many houses do not have good size backyards. Over the years my dad with grandpa planted trees, plants, and put in a water fountain. The peach, tangerine, orange, and plum trees have grown big over the 33 years of my family living at the house. Theses trees provided us with fruit, flowers, and cool shade in the summer heat. They had some negatives with many insects I always bought out a blanket. Trees have an important role on earth providing us with oxygen bring me relaxation. Plants in the backyard are plants potted, plants lining the fence, flowers, thorns, branches, and leaves. When my sister’s and I would play we would hide then get stuck with the rose thorns. A few years back my dad had to cut the oleander’s down, they covered he back fence also were taller then the house. Some how they all got a disease. Between the fence and the oleander’s we had little huts, we would clean them then play house or read books.

When stepping out onto the concrete edge’s the green grass. Early mornings the sprinklers would go off and on each blade of green would have a shine to it. The sounds of sprinklers hissing, water hitting the windows, and hitting plants. Theses sounds would drown out the morning trash trucks or morning barking dogs. Summer afternoon we would have a picnic laying out the blanket eating fruit, hotdogs, and drinking water. Feeling...
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