Scuba Diving

Topics: Scuba diving, Underwater diving, Oxygen Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: February 27, 2013
In my life, one of the best places for me to be is under the water swimming with the fish, scuba diving. The first reason scuba diving is a powerful place for me is because I love doing new adventurous things and going places I have never seen. Being under the water is like morphing into a fish and discovering a new world. I am like a kid at a candy shop when I am scuba diving, I could stay there for hours and never get bored. The next reason scuba diving is so amazing is because you have this feeling of weightlessness. You can just float around like a cloud in the sky and with the slightest kick of your fins you glide through the water. Another reason I love to scuba dive is because it is so relaxing. Being able to suspend yourself in water like a fish and see the underwater world with all its beauties is as relaxing as can be. The only noise to be heard is the deep inhale and slow exhale of each breath you take off the tank on your back. The serenity and lonesomeness of being underwater with only a couple people makes it as relaxing as being on vacation sitting at a beach. The last reason scuba diving is such a powerful place for me is because it is unique and not everybody is the world can or will do it. I love to get away from people and be with nature like I am meant to be there. Being with nature makes me feel as if I am home. Overall, scuba diving to me is a very powerful place and any day I can swim with the fish is a happy day for me.
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