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My Onomatopoeia

By muzzammilaliraja Dec 04, 2013 517 Words
One of the Scariest nights
Finally it was it the end of the year holidays and my family and my sister Aaeza and I were gone to a farmhouse that we had rented to spend a few days. As we reached there we all unpacked our bags and got a little rest because the journey from our house to the farmhouse was about an 8 hour drive. After we had eaten dinner we all watch a movie together called The Conjuring. It was such a scary and frightening movie that I told my sister to sleep with me. I and my sister got a room with two single beds. For a while I and my sister talked and slowly we went to sleep. About in the middle of the night I heard a really freaky HOWL but I was so much in sleep I thought I was dreaming but just after a little while a heard another noise and this time I realised I wasn’t dreaming at once I could hear two different sounds like KNOCK KNOCK and DING DONG at once and the thing that made me more sure about it was because I wasn’t the only one hearing the noises it was Aaeza as well she told me she could hear the same noises as me. We make our selves not feel scared we were both telling each other that it’s probably the wind. So we both tried going back to sleep. Out of nowhere we heard our room door BAM open against our wall. The really irritating thing was that it was only me and Aaeza hearing the noises everyone else was asleep. So me and Aaeza got up to see what made the door bang and as soon as we got near the door I heard a repeatedly sound happening CHRUNCH, CHRUNCH CHRUNCH. We started shivering even though there was nothing it sight it was just all the scary noises. As soon as we reached the door we heard a loud CLAP and just after that we heard the engine start VROOM. Just after a few minutes the engine stopped and everywhere it was dead silence and we couldn’t hear even one sound. Just as we calmed ourselves down and went downstairs to get a drink we heard we heard two different types of sounds repeating after each other ROOF ROOF, MEOW, ROOF ROOF, MEOW. As soon as we looked outside the window we saw a dog and cat fighting so we just calmed ourselves and promised to do anything but get out of this place by tomorrow morning. As we reached our room we joined our beds together and tried our best to sleep. In the morning we got up and as soon as we went downstairs we told everyone to packed and leave from hear and the weird thing was my family had no issue with me and Aaeza telling them to go they were actually happy to leave. Maybe I might not remember other things but this trip is going to be remembered forever.

By: Muzzammil Raja

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