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My mother

By dhkh Jan 05, 2014 1150 Words
My idol!

My father died when I was very young so my mother is not only a mom but also a dad. She is the woman whom I admire most and this is a person has been affecting me a lots. She has taught me neither knowledge nor the way to become a good person.

She is a successful woman in my eyes. I think my mother I very beautiful. She has a small round face with a straight nose and fair complexion. Her long black hair always is bounden tidily behind. She also has a nice smile that makes her face brighten. Whenever, I look at this smile, I usually feel happy and peaceful. She is accustomed to wear simple clothes but they always make her charming although she is not tall. When she was young, she had voted “Beauty Miss” of her high school. Moreover, I also think that my mother is sentimental in spite of she usually tries to coming strong to replace the position of my father in my family. She has given thoughtful care to me and my older sister. Every morning, she gets up early in order to prepare the breakfast to us because she thinks the breakfast should be very important for the health and unless we do eat at home, it will not be safe and delicious. When I was young, she had been used to tell the bed stories before I hit the hay. She is full of compassion easily when she meets miserable people in the area but she will become hit the ceiling and will already rebuke the children for bulling me because I has a bad hair which always is fuzzy. Once has been in hot water, she just had given me advices and she had left me solve it myself but after that I knew that she had been very worry about me and she usually followed everything I do. She has nourished my sister and I become good person by the love of both mother and father.

My mother is a teacher. She has graduated from the Education University for 20 years and now she is teaching the biology at the high school. She had been teaching at the secondary school for 9 years before she has taught at the high school nearly my house. She will retired in 2020 and I hope she can have a traveling around Vietnam with her friend because this is her wish but she cannot do that because of her busyness. Her major is biology and it also the subject that I like to study most because as soon as I come home, I also have the good teacher. She has taught me many enjoyable things in term of the plants and the animals through funny experiments or short stories. Beside, my mom is teaching biology to some children having difficult condition or being homeless with no fee in my area. She really likes to take part in the community activities and she has told me that if we help everyone, we would bring the happiness to everyone and our life would become more significant. After joining community activities, I have more friends, memories, joys and meaningful lessons. My mother has some plans for the future after retiring. For example, she will establish a club, in which you may be do some funny experiment in term of biology and the club will be also the place to you will be able to share information and knowledge biology. The activities of club will have been doing 3 times a week.

My mom was born in the peaceful and agricultural a place that is Dalat. In the 19 century, the French choose Dalat relaxed place because of its peace and addition, Dalat has some analogies between Paris and city, so that Dalat also has been called “The Little Paris of Asia”. In the past, the city was virgin, did not having many citizens and the traffic was not developing more and it was virgin. The city is covered by imposing mountains and interminable pine forests that make the clean and fresh atmosphere. Furthermore, the climate in all seasons is cool and sunny. The French had built some architecture until now it become famous landscape of city such as Station, Domain Church, Teachers' college and the Villages systems. Economic of city just had developed about farming. Almost people living here are a friendly famer. Coming to Dalat city, you can observe many colorful flower fields, fresh wide vegetable fields.

Two months ago, my family had a trip to the small pagoda in Bao Loc to take part in charitable activity of my mother’s school. The trip has brought to me many happy memory and enjoyable experiences. While my sister and I help my mother prepare small gifts for the children living I the pagoda’s area, she was making lots of cupcakes and muffins for the trip. When we went there by school’s car after two hours, we could not image that the place had been poor and difficult. The people living there did not have enough electrics and water for life activities, the primary school was in very bad condition. We had been fixing the school, visiting and hanging gifts, scholarships for 2 days. Everyone, especially children had loved my mom because she always was friendly and gracious with everyone.

My mother is very skillful. Not only can she fix the some electronic machine in my house but also she can become a plumber. Moreover, she has many characteristics of oriental woman. All table clots in my house are stitched and decorated by herself. Up to now, my mother has guided my sister and me how to crotchet some lovely outfits for example the beautiful wool hats, little shawls, and nice gloves. Her favorite is making cake. Every birthday of family‘s member she can make the most beautiful cake as if you buy in the bakery and in my mind, these cake are the most delicious therefore I think she can have become a cake chef. Some times when free times; I observe her making the cake and help her decorate some lovely muffin. My mom is really loves the Trinh Cong Son’s songs, she can remember and sing again every song as long as this is the Trinh Cong Son’s song.

The sentence “Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible_Marion C.Garetty” is quoted in the book name A little spoon full of Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul is one of sayings I like most. Because when I am sad or I have some troubles, my mom always is sides by side and transmits the strong for me to help me pass to ever things. I love my mother who has sacrificed herself for the success of her children very much

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