Inspiring Mother

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There are many people whom I had encountered in my life. Many of them have great personalities and achievements. Although they are worth to be looked up to, still, the person that has inspired me the most is my mother. She is a very hardworking, trustworthy and intelligent woman. She had gone through many obstacles in life, which is sometimes very unendurable for some people. Although she likes to nag at me and pushes me to study and do my homework, I still admire her. She inspires me in many aspects in my life.

My mother is good-looking when she’s young. Her face doesn’t change much, it only looks older now. She has black-brown hair and brown eyes. Originally, her hair is black, but she started dyeing in her late thirties. She is now 46 and still working. My parents work hard to pay for my family’s fees. My mother works in a marketing property, called Ray White. She often accompanies clients who want to search for houses, warehouses and shops. She’s very busy and she seldom had free times. Her face often looks tired because of her work.

She had inspired me in many ways. She is very diligent in her studies and work. At a very young age, she needs to work for her family. My grandfather went bankrupt when she is in her early twenties. In order for her and her siblings to have proper educations, they need to earn money on their own to pay for their studies. My mother works while she is in college. She had to work in the office from day till afternoon, and then go to the college till night. She had gone through those hardships well, that’s why I think she is a person which is very worthy to be followed.
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