My Mom

Topics: Need, Want, Family Pages: 3 (468 words) Published: June 1, 2013
My Mom

If I need to choose one of my family members, I may prefer to write
about my superhero in my life and that is my beloved mother. My mom was the
person who always supported me since I was little. She was the one when I

needed to talk to like a best friend. Although, my mother might not be the

superheroes such like Batman, Superman, or Spiderman but my beloved mother

will always be the great superhero in my life. There are reasons why I chose my

beloved mother to be my superhero and the person I think I need to describe


First and foremost, I want to describe about the characteristics of my

mother that I love so much. Everyone in this world has their own mother and

surely they also have their own opinion about the characteristics of their

mother. My mother is an open-minded and a patient person because if I

want to share anything with my mom, she will listen carefully on what I want to

talk about. She strongly disapproves of me getting in trouble and uses tough

love to prove a point. Furthermore, she is a firm mom too because when she

sets a rule, she still gives a little freedom to break it without any further


In addition, from my observation, my mother has a great characteristic to

be a good leader to our family and friends. I can’t deny this because I heard my

friends talking about her and everything was positive criticism. Actually, I’m

very proud to be her son because there are too many achievements that my

mother achieved in her career. When I was younger, I felt confused why my

friends said that I needed to be proud of my mother. And now, I knew the

reasons why and I agree with them. The achievement that my mother had

achieved in her life really inspired me to be more like her. She really makes me

feel that my mom is a great person in my eyes.

Last but not least, I was really impressed with the history of life of my

mother. My...
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