My Mom

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It has taken me all of my 17 years of life to finally realize what an import person my mother has been to me, and how much of an influence she has had on my life. I have never noticed until I started to contemplate my essay topic. She is an extraordinary influence on my life, and also my best friend. My mom is such a great role model I feel lucky to have been raised and brought up by her. I aspire to grow into as great a person as she is today. My mom has sacrificed so much for my brother and I, she would drop everything and anything if it meant helping us in someway or just to make our day a little better. My moms love for my brother and I is most apparent in the way she wants us to experience our life. She wants to give us every opportunity she possibly can and especially the ones she never got; if that meant whether or not we wanted to or not. She always encourages us to do and try new things, stick with something all the way through and never quit. She pushed me to accomplish things I never would have done without her support and guidance. Although she gave it all her might sometimes my stubbornness outshone her persistence. I’ve been involved in so many different activities since I was able to walk I start to lose count. In most of my activities my mom was determined to make me stick with it and do my best, but eventually in every time, without fail, I wanted to quit. Piano, soccer, basketball, violin, dance, gymnastics, choir, every time I was convinced to “give it a try!”, and every time I quit for vast and vague reasons. This became a pattern up until the eighth grade.

This is only a small example of how much my mother has been an important influence on my life, but made a big impact. I made countless friends and had a great time. Although I never got my desk I look back now as a member on the varsity dance team, and am grateful that my mom pushed to so hard to take the dance lessons. They were worth it and I love dance so...
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