My Hero

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Title My Hero NameJoshua Davis General Purpose A tribute Specific Purpose To pay tribute to the things my mother has done for me and the inspiration she has provide for me throughout my life. Time 3-4 minutes I. Introduction To be completely honest not sure where I would be today without the love and support of my mother. Life is tough. No doubt about that. Shes been there since day one and has provided for me without question. Without her guidance I dont believe I would be in the position I am in now, take advantage of the opportunities presented to me or be the respectable young man that stands before you all today. Transition I dedicate this speech to my loving mother and mothers everywhere. II. Body My mother. A true inspiration My mother will always be one my biggest inspiration. A. I know at some point in life we all face some type of hardship or struggle or just something we cant seem to be able to do alone. B. If theres 2 things I learned from my mother when I wasnt busy going yes mom.. I know.. Yeah, I understand mom.. its that its never bad to have a little help and if you want to pursue something go after it. C. Im a music education major here and when I told my mother thats what I wanted to study a few eyebrows were raised. Of course there was the whole speech on Are you sure thats what you want to do My mother didnt question it and she supported my decision to pursue music. D. Ill never forget these words my mother said to me after I had made up my mind about school. If theres anything you want to do, go out there and do it, and not just do it, be the BEST at it. If you go to class everyday with that drive, theres nothing you cant do. B. Mother Knows Best I know weve all heard the phrase mother knows best at some point in our life A. Whats funny is that phrase is about 98.9999998 correct B. I know there have been points where Ive disagreed with my mother on things. Gotten so upset with her final decision that I would...
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