My Life

Topics: Family, Coming out, Mother Pages: 2 (1004 words) Published: December 6, 2013
The Beginning and the End
Tears ran slowly down my face as we rushed to my aunt’s house. I did not know what happened, but I was afraid to know. The car slowly came to a stop in front of my aunt’s house. All of my family from my mother’s side was there. We said hello to everyone and my mom said, “Wait out here. I will come out to get you when it is OK to come in.” I did as I was told I waited outside and talked to some of my cousins. About fifteen minutes later my mom came out and said, “Your aunt has cancer.” My face saddened! At first I was confused, but later I began to understand what cancer meant to me. Cancer meant death; a slow, horrible way to die. As the next couple months passed, her condition grew worse and I found myself being afraid of what was to come. I saw a once strong, faithful, woman grow weaker every day. My aunt was always caring for our family. She would make food and decorate parties, but most of all she was faithful. Even though her body was weak, she remained faithful to God and her family; she tried her hardest to go to church. I knew that her life would soon be over, but I didn’t want it to end, not yet. She meant the world to my mother, because she lost her parents early in life. She became a mother figure in my mom’s life. The funeral felt slow. It felt like we were there forever. The depression started to drown all other emotions out of my mind. I wanted this nightmare to end, but I knew this was just the beginning of this terrible ride. On the way to the cemetery, everyone was silent. The silence killed me so I prayed and prayed asking God, “Why did you let her die?” I knew my mom was way down in the pits, but she tried not to show it. My mom had lost her mom and her dad, and now her oldest sister. My mom acted like I didn’t feel the pain in my heart, but I did. The loss crushed my heart greatly. I could not take the pain anymore. I wanted to be free from this nightmare, but it was not over. Shorty after my first aunt died,...
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